Our Mission: Providing Accessible Education

In India, there are no proper methods of accessible Education for the Deaf, as a result, 95% of the 18 million Deaf people are facing difficulties in Employment which further affect their standard way of living.

Furthermore, all channels in TV are in spoken languages which the Deaf people are unable to hear and therefore are deprived of such knowledge. The lockdown has made it more difficult for the Deaf to socialize and share their knowledge, therefore they are pushed further into the darkness.

To eradicate illiteracy in the Deaf Community, ISH Shiksha was launched.

Certified Teachers
Students Enrolled
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“ISH is dedicated to bringing solutions to the issues faced by the Deaf community and building a bridge between the Deaf and Hearing people.”

Aqil Chinoy, Projects Director


We are a team of 10 members consisting of 6 Deaf Professionals & 3 CODAs and 1 Hearing working together. 

In our team, we have experienced Deaf Teachers, Course Coordinator, Content Editors, Video-Editors, Graphic Designers, and Voice-Interpreters each with their roles and responsibilities.

Apart from this, ISH Shiksha is also blessed with the guidance of various external consultants.


We create and provide an Online Interactive Education platform for everyone. 

Via our network, we recruit and train Deaf or Hearing Teachers with various professional skills to provide proper quality Education to the Deaf Community in a properly accessible format.

We will keep on adding more interesting courses to bring knowledge to the Deaf Community.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

~ Nelson Mandela​